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Bug on destroying jQuery UI’s selectable.

I encountered the following error message on my Firebug: d(this).data(“draggable”) is undefined [Break on this error] {start:function(){var a=d(“body”),b=d(…</div>’).css({width:this.offsetWidth+ I thought I did something wrong in my code. I spent few hours scratching my head. Finally I gave up and asked … Continue reading

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Tips and Tricks on jQuery

I have few draft posts. Hope I could complete and post it soon. Anyway, check this out. Good tips and tricks for jQuery beginner. And the flyweight pattern also need to be considered when we code the javascript. My first … Continue reading

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Grails functional testing with Spock & Geb

Finally I could make the Grails’ functional testing work with Geb and SpockĀ plugin. I follow the sample code from GitHub. But in the GebConfig, I change the default driver to Firefox, as it is the requirement of the project. Update: … Continue reading

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Install Jenkins CI

I’ll start from here and update this post later. Update >> Installation is very straight forward. I need to change the the port 8080 (my server use it for Oracle XE) to 8081. I change its config inside jenkins.xml. After … Continue reading

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Guava is the culprit

Today I play around with testing framework Geb and Spock. I’ve just installed in my existing Grails project. Half way through, my colleague asks me to generate the war file of the project. Hell yeah, the development procedure here is … Continue reading

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Pushing code to FogBugz

To start reading is just not that easy for me. I ended up playing with Mercurial version control. šŸ˜€ I’ve TortoiseHg installed. I create my existing grails project as repository by simply right click the root folder select TortoiseHg menu … Continue reading

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Flex Designer

Here is my Flex development plan: 1. Create Grails application with Flex plugin (done) 2. Run flex plugin command to enable integration with Flash Builder (done) 3. Modify Flex files (MXML & AS) in Flash Builder. First & second steps … Continue reading

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