About me

Arief Hidayat..

Well that’s my full name. A pretty common name in Indonesia (just try to google it :p). Yeah, I’m Indonesian. But I live in Singapore since 2004.

My friends call me arief. Normally non-Indonesian guys find it difficult to call ‘arief’. And it just sound weird when they call me that. So, you can also call me “hida”.

I’ve graduated from a Singapore university in 2008. I studied Computer Engineering. Honestly, I don’t remember what’s I’ve learnt during my 4 years time there. Haha. But I remember how to code (in Java), since I used to play in TopCoder for fun.

After graduated, I continue my career path in Java development. My comfort zone is enterprise (Spring framework and co). Lately I’ve tried to expand the comfort zone to web UI part also.

I love to learn cutting edge technology. And I really love freedom. Unfortunately, It’s hard to find company here in Singapore, that would let you learn cutting edge technology in the day to day work, or give you freedom to learn on your own. Well, how would you get a freedom if you normally come back from office after midnight for almost everyday? LOL.

That’s why I decided to quit my first job (which career wise looks bright) and join a small company where the CEO even doesn’t know what IT is all about (but he pretends he knows).  Anyway, I still work in IT job but I got a lot of freedom to explore latest technologies. Just that (honestly), I could not see any career path here.

So, here is my wish list: to become a real ‘IT enterprise expert’ and work in US company and after few years of experience I setup my own consultancy. Not that I like US that much, but it seems their culture highly appreciate IT people more than any Asian company.

Another options in mind is to pursue master in business. Combine it with IT skills, that would be great. But I’m still reluctant to give up my freedom in exchange of climbing corporate ladder. Well, corporate path is not the only options but I still consider that as the main option to choose if I take master in business.

Arghh,, I talk too much. I’ll update this later.

Thanks for visiting my blog.



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