Bug on destroying jQuery UI’s selectable.

I encountered the following error message on my Firebug:

d(this).data(“draggable”) is undefined

[Break on this error] {start:function(){var a=d(“body”),b=d(…</div>’).css({width:this.offsetWidth+

I thought I did something wrong in my code. I spent few hours scratching my head. Finally I gave up and asked uncle Google.

I found a thread in jQuery bug tracker discussing about same error message but different issue. A bug ticket has been opened two years ago. It has been closed and reopened few times with slightly different cases reported. I tried few suggested solutions and work arounds from there. One of them worked well for my case. So, the work around I used was to add timeout for 1ms before destroying the jQuery UI’s draggable. Tada… it works! *What the…

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