Pushing code to FogBugz

To start reading is just not that easy for me. I ended up playing with Mercurial version control. 😀

I’ve TortoiseHg installed. I create my existing grails project as repository by simply right click the root folder select TortoiseHg menu there.

1.  TortoiseHg -> create repository here

2.  TortoiseHg -> add files

3. Hg commit.

Oh I forgot, the idea here is to integrate mercurial with my IDE (IntelliJ IDEA). 😛

Ok, next I install Hg4IDEA-luciad plugin. Since, Mercurial is officially supported on IntelliJ 10. I need to manually install the plugin here. Lucky the plugin is compatible with IntelliJ 9.0.3 (version that I have now).

To install is simply File -> Settings -> Plugins, find the plugins and install it, then restart the IDE.

Now I can push my code to FogBugz.

I’m preparing myself to be start up a software development business. Fortunately, FogBugz offers its bugs tracking product for free to student or poor start up developer like me.

After login, we go to Kiln tab and create repository first. Then FogBugz will provide URL to push the code there.

Then, from IntelliJ I just need to push the code. Version Control -> Mercurial -> Push Change Set. Specify the folder and the URL where you want to push the code. It will prompt user & password. And that’s it.

My IDEA is hang for a while. I just realized that I’m pushing 300MB files at once 😛 While waiting for the Mercurial push to complete, I wrote this post.

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