Flex Designer

Here is my Flex development plan:

1. Create Grails application with Flex plugin (done)

2. Run flex plugin command to enable integration with Flash Builder (done)

3. Modify Flex files (MXML & AS) in Flash Builder.

First & second steps were done. I have downloaded Flash builder 4.5 to try it out and see how sophisticated the flex designer is. As a newbie in Flex, I might depends a lot on the designer.

Now I’m able to open the grails project as Flex project in Flash Builder. I open the mxml files, switch to designer tab and… Flash builder 4.5 designer is not compatible with Flex 4.0 SDK. Even worse, Adobe doesn’t allow to download older version of Flash Builder.

At this moment, I don’t think I want to spend the time upgrading Grails Flex plugin to support Flex 4.5. So, I guess Flash Builder 4.5 is out of option.

The other options is IntelliJ IDEA. Its latest version (10.5) has Flex design support. But I only have version 9 (have commercial license bought by my company). No, I don’t want to spent a single cent to buy or upgrade. I’m a poor developer 😦

I guess I will be Flex-ing without designer. Hehe. No problemo!

Next, I need to read about Flex and actionScript. Aarrghh.. I don’t like reading, man 😦

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